Attleboro Area Medical Equipment Company
Patient Rights

You have the Right to:

  • Expect ALL equipment to be clean and in good repair.

  • Express dissatisfaction and suggest changes without coercion, discrimination, reprisal or unreasonable interruption in service.

  • Have any and ALL questions answered promptly, correctly and courteously.

  • Know that if you are found unresponsive, AA Medical Equipment's policy is for staff to call 911 for Emergency Medical Intervention.

  • Prompt delivery and to be fully informed on the use, and care of ALL AA Medical Equipment in their home.

  • Refuse delivery of any and ALL equipment and services.

  • The right to appropriate assessment and management of cardio-pulmonary pain.

  • To be informed of ALL options if the need to transfer care arises.

  • To be served by competent and qualified staff.

  • To be treated fairly with courtesy and respect.

  • To choose a provider of homecare services.

  • To expect a resolution to any problem or complaint.

  • To expect and be assured that ALL information will be kept in strictest confidence.

  • To receive assistance in transferring to another provider.

  • To receive detailed explanation of bills.

  • To receive explanations that can be easily understood.

  • To participate in decisions about your homecare.

  • To voice grievances and recommended policy changes.