Attleboro Area Medical Equipment Company
Aids for Daily Living

Button Hook Dressing Aid

  • Assists with putting on & taking off clothing with buttons or zippers
  • Zipper pull hook on one end & button loop hook on other end
  • 8 " long
  • Available in plastic or wooden handle
  • 5" long extension handle converts a doorknob into a door lever providing extra leverage for people with limited hand function

  • Fits over most standard doorknobs

Doorknob Extender



Dressing Stick

  • Assists with dressing & undressing
  • 27" long wooden handle has a large hook on one end & small hook on the other
  • Enables users to put on & take off shoes without untying laces
  • Available in 24 & 32 lengths

Elastic Shoelaces

Folding Magnifier

  • Folding handle provides adjustable angle
  • Magnifier has 2x & 4x magnification
  • Spoon, Fork & Knife available
  • Soft cushion grip is easy to hold
  • Flexible metal allows silverware to bend to desired angle

Bendable Silverware
(Long Handle)

Leg Lifter

  • Enables the user to lift their leg on/off beds, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Available in 32" & 41" lengths
  • Holds playing cards so you don't have to
  • 10" L x 1 3/4" W

Playing Card Holder

Shoe Horn
(Long Handle)
  • 18" long plastic handle
  • Hook at one end to position shoes
  • 27" long chrome plated metal handle 
  • Head bends for easy application with a large easy to grip handle

Shoe Horn
(Long Handle)

Sock Aid

  • 48" straps have handles for easy application
  • Includes garter clips for use with standard & compression stockings
  • 32" straps with loop handles
  • Fits any size sock
  • Comfortable nylon interior reduces friction
  • Double nap terrycloth outside holds the sock in place

Sock Aid
(Terry Cloth)

Reacher Grabber
(Everyday Pick)

  • 36O rotating head
  • Large trigger that makes reacher easy to hold
  • Inside grip area allows user to pick up cans, bottles, etc.
  • 32 long
  • Enables users with arthritis or weakness in their wrist to reduce pressure & use their arm like a lever
  • For use only on the Reacher Grabber Everyday Pick

Reacher Grabber
(Wrist Support)