Attleboro Area Medical Equipment Company
Orthopedic Supplies

Abdominal Binders

  • Supports the lower torso to reduce muscle fatigue & strain
  • Evenly distributes compression
  • Small to extra large sizing
  • Comfortably cushions sensitive muscles providing focused pneumatic compression
  • Provides relief of tendonitis & tennis elbow
  • Universal sizing

Arm Band

Arm Sling

  • Lightweight sling comfortably distributes the weight of the arm for treatment of the arm, hand or shoulder
  • Universal sizing
  • Advanced design provides compression, comfort & support
  • Light & low profile design allows for normal plantar & dorsi flexion
  • Extra small to extra large sizing

Ankle Brace
(Lace Up)

Ankle Brace

  • Comfortable, firm support for weak or injured ankles
  • Neoprene provides warmth
  • Pull on application with non irritating seams
  • Small to extra large sizing
  • Provides medial & lateral control while allowing for normal dorsi / plantar flexion
  • Simple to apply & adjust
  • Universal sizing

Ankle Stirrup



  • BioFreeze with Ilex creates a cooling sensation within the skin
  • Patients report hours of pain relief
  • Helps relieve muscle pain & joint pain throughout the body
  • Available in a Roll-On, Gel & Spray form
  • Protects cast from damage & wear
  • Rigid, non-skid sole has a rocker design to help promote natural gait
  • Pediatric to extra large sizing

Cast Boots

Cast -  Equalizing (Walker Boot)


  • Pneumatic system increases stability while decreasing pain & swelling
  • Unique shock absorbing sole reduces impact of heel strike during ambulation
  • Rocker bottom is low & wide to promote a natural stable gait
  • Available with or without air
  • High top or low top design
  • Extra small to extra large sizing
  • Protects cast while showering, bathing or swimming
  • Watertight design keeps cast dry
  • Aquashield & ArmRx available

Cast Protectors


Cervical Roll Pillow

  • Helps eliminate headaches, neck pain & snoring
  • Provides comfortable neck support while you sleep
  • Over-the-door traction set
  • Water bag holds up to 20lb of water

Cervical Traction

Clavicle Splint


  • Front closure & figure 8 design available
  • Supports shoulders & clavicle
  • Extra small to extra large sizing
  • Neoprene sleeve provides warmth without the heat build up
  • Provides relief of tendonitis & tennis elbow
  • Adjustable tension strap & easy slip on application
  • Small to extra large sizing

Elbow Support

Heating Pads

  • Heating pads draw moisture from humidity in the air & retain it in their outer flannel cover
  • Covers are washable
  • Available in 14 x 27, 14 x 14 & 4 x 17
  • Relieves & prevents heel, foot, joint & back pain
  • Medical grade silicone provides support & comfort
  • Purple points are scientifically designed for enhanced pressure relief
  • Small to large sizing

Heel Cushions

Heel Wedge Shoe


  • Off-loads the heel by shifting weight to the midfoot to promote faster healing after surgery, trauma or when wounds are present on the heel
  • Modified rocker bottom encourages a smooth toe-off while maintaining a stable mid-foot base
  • Extra small extra large sizing
  • Neoprene brace provides warmth without perspiration
  • Provides stability for weak, swollen & sore knees
  • Hinge prevents hyperextension while stabilizing medial & lateral movement of the knee
  • Extra small to extra large sizing

Knee Brace

Knee Immobilizer

  • Two sided brushed nylon, laminated to breathable foam
  • Three piece design for precise fit
  • Lightweight rigid posterior stays with adjustable medial & lateral stays
  • Universal sizing
  • Neoprene combined with stabilizing straps, spiral stays & a knee "donut" insert provides superior support & control for weak, unstable or sore knees
  • Provides warmth without the excessive heat build up
  • " Donut" can be trimmed to desired configuration
  • Small 3 extra large sizing

Knee Stabilizer with Patella Buttress (Neoprene)

Knee Wrap


  • Medical grade neoprene provides superior support & therapeutic warmth for weak, swollen & sore knees
  • Easy wrap application
  • Small 2 extra large sizing
  • Available in standard foam & high density memory foam
  • Multiple styles to choose from for home & car
  • Attached strap holds cushion in place

Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar Supports

  • Comfortable, lightweight elastic construction provides therapeutically effective support to the lower back & abdomen to alleviate back pain
  • Double pull system for firm control
  • Small to extra large sizing
  • Heavyweight high density memory foam pillow gently cradles head & provides neck support for a good nights sleep

Memory Foam Pillow

(with Outsole)


  • Incorporates maximum heel pressure relief with the added benefit of foot drop protection
  • Sturdy semi-flexible shell helps protect against foot drop yet allows enough flex for limited ambulation
  • Fully aerated heel aids in wound healing & accommodates dressings
  • Toe plate keeps bedding off toes, limiting risk of skin breakdown or contracture
  • Splint provides gentle stretching of the plantar fascia & Achilles tendon
  • Adjustable flexion straps adjust from 90 to 10 degrees of dorsi flexion

Night Splint

Orthowedge Shoe

  • Effectively reduces weight bearing pressure from the forefoot to promote proper healing
  • Square toe design provides additional protection & better left / right fit
  • Extra small extra large sizing
  • Therapeutic support to relieve knee pain
  • Visco-elastic pad improves patella tracking
  • Excellent shock absorption to the patellar tendon
  • Low profile & easy application
  • Universal sizing

Patella Strap

Post-OP Shoes


  • Semi-rigid metatarsal shank provides control of forefoot motion to protect the metatarsal head area of the forefoot
  • Upper material is soft & breathable
  • Velcro closure
  • Extra small to extra large sizing
  • Provides support to bruised or broken ribs
  • Universal male & female sizing

Rib Belt

Shoulder Immobilizer


  • Sling & swathe immobilizes & suspends arm & shoulder
  • Small / Medium or Medium / Large sizing
  • Used to maintain shoulder range of motion or to help rebuild muscle strength
  • Hooks over any standard door & stays in place without being clamped

Shoulder Pulley


Thumb Spica Splint

  • Provides complete immobilization to a weak or injured wrist or thumb
  • Thumb Spica supports & protects the thumb
  • Extra small extra large sizing
  • Comfortable lightweight material provides complete immobilization for weak or injured wrists
  • Anatomically contoured split aluminum design for enhanced comfort & fit
  • Extra small extra large sizing

Wrist Splint