Attleboro Area Medical Equipment Company

Aero & Opti Chamber

  • An MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler) drug delivery system
  • It provides a fine aerosol dose to the lungs
  • For use with most MDI's
  • Bi-Flex offers pressure relief at inhalation & exhalation to make therapy more like natural breathing
  • Superior comfort & easy-to-use design
  • Integrated heated humidifier
  • Small, lightweight & quiet
  • 2 year warranty

BiPAP M Series Bi-Flex (Respironics)

CPAP/BiPAP Humidifier

  • Reduces discomfort associated with common CPAP / BiPAP conditions such as dry mouth, nasal irritation or congestion
  • Heated or cool humidification
  • Cann-Ease gel is a clear, greaseless topical treatment developed specifically for dryness & friction associated with the use of oxygen or CPAP / BiPAP

Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizer

CPAP Device

  • Remstar Plus with C-Flex by Respironics
  • C-Flex technology lowers the pressure at the beginning of exhalation & makes using CPAP more comfortable
  • Lightweight & portable design
  • 2 year warranty
  • This multi-mask CPAP pillow allows you to sleep comfortably with your CPAP mask
  • The silky, quilted material follows the pillows contours so your mask & shoulders easily glide over these areas as you move throughout the night
  • The pillow promotes proper support & contact free CPAP use

CPAP Pillow

CPAP Tubing

  • 6ft tubing for CPAP or BiPAP use
  • Lightweight, washable nylon tubing cover
  • Insulates 6 foot tubing to prevent condensation in the tubing

CPAP Tubing Wrap



  • The MicroElite offers the same great features of the MiniElite nebulizer compressor just half the size
  • 3 power sources available AC, car adapter & battery
  • 3 year warranty
  • Weighs less than a pound without battery
  • The MiniElite provides portability & can be powered by 3 versatile power source options AC, car adapter & battery
  • The small & lightweight compressor is easy to use & efficient
  • Weighs 1lb without battery
  • 3 year warranty



  • The InspirationElite is a powerful compressor with a compact design
  • Features a built in handle, handset docking & a power cord storage area
  • 5 year warranty

  • 3.3lbs

  • Multiple styles available by the leading manufacturers of sleep & respiratory products
  • Please call for current styles available

Masks - CPAP, BiPAP
& Nebulizer


Phototherapy System

  • The Wallaby 3 Phototherapy System provides therapeutic fiber optic light to babies with jaundice
  • The system is light enough to be easily transported with baby
  • This high power suction pump by precision has one of the highest horsepower ratings in the industry

Suction Machine