Attleboro Area Medical Equipment Company
Urologic & Incontinence Supplies

Adult Diapers

  • Tena Classic Plus diapers
  • Medium to extra large sizes
  • Foley catheters are indwelling catheters 
  • All sizes available in 5cc & 30cc 
  • Also available as a 3 way catheters

Foley Catheters

Bed Pan

  • For anyone who has difficulty getting out of bed
  • Contour design provides comfort & comes with side grips for easy handling
  • Conventional style seat
  • Large handle for self-orientation
  • High front prevents splashing
  • Can be used as a female urinal
  • Sterilizable

Bed Pan

Urinal Hat

  • Urine collection device for the toilet
  • 800cc capacity
  • Insertion tray to add a Foley catheter
  • Contains: 10cc syringe, waterproof drape, lubricating jelly, PVP swab sticks, exam gloves & 1000ml outer basin tray
  • Sterile

Insertion Trays

Irrigation Tray

  • Used to irrigate the bladder in order to prevent urinary tract infections
  • Contains: 1200cc outer basin tray, 500cc graduated cylinder, piston irrigation syringe, waterproof drape & antiseptic wipe
  • Sterile
  • 20oz & 32oz urinary leg bags
  • Available in flip valve or twist valve
  • Sterile fluid pathways
  • Pre-attached, fabric, elastic leg straps
  • Latex free

Leg Bags

Male Catheters

  • Self adhesive male external catheters
  • Latex-free
  • Sterile, diamond shaped & vented
  • Needless sample port
  • Latex free
  • 2000ml capacity
  • Double hanger
  • Plastic thumb clamp & drip chamber

Night Drainage Bags (Bedside)

Specimen Container

  • Sterile specimen container for sterile samples
  • Tena Men & Women anatomically designed underwear
  • Features targeted absorbency that ensures protection where its needed the most
  • Thin, discreet style looks & feels like regular underwear
  • For moderate to heavy bladder leakage

Protective Underwear

Straight Intermittent Catheters

  • Intermittent catheters made by Coloplast
  • Designed to protect beds, chairs &
    other surfaces
  • Under pads have a soft top layer & a waterproof bottom layer

Under Pads

Under Pads

  • Designed to protect beds, chairs &
    other surfaces
  • Reusable under pad has a soft top layer
    & a waterproof bottom layer
  • Machine washable
  • Cleanser / Deodorant for cleaning & deodorizing urinary drainage bags,
    leg bags, tubing & drainage containers
  • 8oz bottle


Waterproof Chair Covers

  • Chair size reusable under pads
  • Quilted top sheet with waterproof back
  • Machine washable/dryable
  • Heavyweight 8oz liquid fill absorbent center